Central Norwich

This page contains links to places of interest located mainly within an area contained within the line of the medieval city walls. Most are in walking distance of each other and of the city centre. To view a place of interest, click on its image, below. The numbers correspond with those of the map on the following page.

Elm Hill 1  Elm Hill

Tombland Alley 2  Tombland Alley

St George Tombland 3  St George Tombland

Norwich Cathedral 4  Norwich Cathedral, the Crossing

West Window 5  Norwich Cathedral, West Window

Cloister 6  Norwich Cathedral, the Cloister

Upper Close 7  The Cathedral Close

Riverside Walk 8  Riverside Walk

Cow Tower 9  Cow Tower

Great Hospital 10  Great Hospital

Norman House 11  Norman House

Old Meeting House 12  Old Meeting House

Octagon Chapel 13  Octagon Chapel

The Bridewell 14  The Bridewell

Strangers Hall 15  Strangers' Hall

Friends Meeting House 16  Friends Meeting House

Plantation Garden 17  Plantation Garden

Shirehall 18  Shirehall

Norwich Castle 19  Norwich Castle

Royal Arcade 20  Royal Arcade

St Peter Mancroft 21  St Peter Mancroft

The Forum 22  The Forum

Assembly House 23  Assembly House

Surrey House 24  Surrey House

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